Mr. Altharwa finished his Bachelor and Master Degree in Architecture in 1980 from the University of Idaho, USA. He has over 30 years of experience in architecture/engineering, real estate development, project management, construction, manufacturing, sustainable Architecture design, and energy efficiency.


Work Brief:

Consultation & Real Estate Development (Private Sector Stage) III

Rawa Architects Office - Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
Position: Own and Operate.
Period: From JAN 1997, Up To date.
Duties and Responsibilities:                      
The office offered many Architectural and Engineering services. The office was able to provide Architectural Design for a wide range of commercial and residential customers. The office also provided many services such as project management, construction management, financial and technical Studies, Consultation, Design and Engineering services. The office reflected the many years of experience of Architect Altharwa in conjunction with the uses of the recent technologies as much as possible. Also, the office was involved in the whole of the Real Estate Development investment process.


Ministry of Higher Education-Saudi Arabia
Position: Board Member / Advisory to H.E Vice-Minister                                                                                          
Period: from MARCH 2012, up to Dec 2014.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Reporting to the Deputy Minister
Working as a board member of higher committee for the assessment and Rehabilitation of all Girls Colleges in the kingdom (SR 5.4 Billion).
Assessment of the status of all the Girls colleges in the Kingdom and suggest the best renovation solution.
Chairman of the Executive Committee for the assessment, recommendation, program, design and construction. 
Project’s outcome was a lifetime achievement for Ministry (more than 400 buildings were under construction).


Rawa Energy -Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
Position: Founder and CEO.
Period: From March 2010 February 2012.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Rawa Energy is a private entity and is an Energy Efficiency Business. Rawa International offers unique range of Energy Saving Products & Solutions that could save you up to 25% of the Energy costs. Provide Energy Saving Consulting and Installations of Energy Saving Products. Install Real-time Smart Meter to monitor and analyze the Energy Consumption and Manage cost. 


ASEER CORP-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
Position: Advisor to Director General.
Period: from Nov 2008 to March 2010.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Aseer Corporation is one of the largest publicly listed investment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a diversified company with interests in Real Estate, Tourism, Agricultural Products, and Manufacturing. The company has real estate investments, these investments are either in raw lands or investments in real estate companies.
I was in charge of two tasks:
First is to work closely with a professional entity to consolidate its real estate assets/ investments and to structure the consolidation of real estate assets through formation of either a Holding Company or a real estate fund.
Second is that Aseer owns a substantial large plot of land. Based on initial plans, we were looking into developing the land into a HealthCare City, comprised of core medical components (e.g. General Hospital, Specialized Hospital, Outpatient Clinics, Laboratory Center), non core medical services (e.g. Chronic Care Centre, Medical Health Spa, and Weight Loss Center), and non-medical real estate elements (e.g. Banquet Hall, Hotel, Mall, and Residential) In order to attract investor’s capital for the development of the project, we invited professional entities to develop detailed Feasibility Studies, Business Plan and Financial Assessment of the envisioned Medical City project. Unfortunately, this project was shelved even though the market has strong needs of such unique facility and the financial analysis showed a two digit IRR and a positive NPV. 


MAKSHAFF Services Limited-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
Position: Projects manager 
Period: from Nov 2006 to Nov.2007.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Makshaff Services Limited (MSL). It is a service company established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and provides professional management for all Personal and Business entities owned by the group. I was in charge of all the project management, construction management, furnishing, occupation and maintenance. This as a holding company was involved in several diversified businesses, such as: Real Estate, Agriculture, Airlines, Media and Private Estates allover the world.
The following are some of the projects:
Royal Palaces (SAR 500m), Staff Accommodations, Man Made Lakes, Commercial Buildings, Horse’s stables, horse race tracks, Track lighting, Sub-stations


ALARGAN Real Estate Investment Co.- Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
Position: Advisor to shareholder and Regional Manager
Period: from Mar.2005 to Mar 2006
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Company was in operation since 1994 leading the residential real estate development in Kuwait. The company was expanding to other GCC and Middle East. I was the regional manager where I established the Saudi branch from zero.  The company establishment faced many obstacles such as the long process of establishing a multinational partnership company in Saudi Arabia and the regulations limitations of Real Estate ownership by non-resident. The first project was to develop a complete closed residential community with unique ideas.


Industry (Private Sector Stage) II

The Light Weight Construction Co. (LCC - Siporex) - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia.
Period:  From September 1990 To Dec. 1996.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The company was Established 1978, with a capital of SR 30,000,000, the company was, Manufacturing Reinforced Precast Concrete Units Under the Licensed Agreement of a Swedish Company Having 50 Factories Around the World (Siporex International Ab, Sweden).    With 200 Manpower And 600.000 Square Meter of walls and roofs panels     annual Capacity. The Company Covers a Considerable Share of The Construction Market, And Exported Material to Japan, Taiwan And Africa. The Company Was in losable position Up To 1990 Where We Managed to organize, cut the extra fat, and boosts the Manpower productivity.
During that time we managed to do the following:
Resolved All Out Standing Legal Matters.
Restructure the Whole Company and Establish Manuals for Policies and Procedures.
Rebuilt the Reputation and Trust from Consultants, Contractors and Clients.
Generated More Than RS 52 Millions Net Profit from SEP 1990 up To Dec. 1996.
Open New Marketing Channels in All GCC States, North Africa And Taiwan.
Project & Construction management


Government (Public Sector Stage) I

Period: from March 1981 to 31 Aug. 1990.
Throughout my approximately ten years of work I gained adequate experience in Project Management, Construction Methods and management. I was also exposed To the Value Analysis (Value Engineering) Techniques. I Attended Many Courses, Seminars and Workshops.

Period: October 1989 - August 1990.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Follow up with all parties, Government, Consultants and Contractors. The major projects were a college campus consisting of lecture halls, labs, administration, sport facilities, and housing for staff and students.
The following are some of the projects:
A Complete Military Campus


Period:      January 1987 - October 1989.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Collect, Review Evaluate all The Architectural Documents for All Previous Projects Where We as a team Had to Select the Best design with the essential Modifications to fit The Client Needs, Budget and Local Climate. Finally, We Produce a Standard Design with all the required documentations such as the Working drawings, BOQ, Specs, and Contracts to be Used for Future Projects.

Period: November 1983 - January 1987
Duties and Responsibilities:
Provide all the Architecture Design and the Engineering related Works For all Type of Construction Projects all over the Kingdom. The Engineering Section many branches and Consists of about 75 Employees of Various Nationalities and Professions.

Period: August 1982 – June 1983.
Duties and Responsibilities:
I was working as team member and closely with Architect Arthur Erickson where I was representing the government and coordinate the Design process and preparation of all the project documents of King Faisal Air Force Academy.

Period: October 1981 - August 1982
Duties and Responsibilities:
Complete Management Of many Projects for King Abdulaziz Military Cantonment, Tabuk. Responsibilities Included but not limited to The Administration, Technical and Financial Control of the Progress of Those Projects.
The following are some the projects:
Port FACILITIES, POWER plant (150 mw) with a heat recovery system (Sustainable System), Water heating system for 1800 villas (Sustainable System), Villas 1800 (pre-cast system), Roads, Sewage treatment PLANT, Elevated water tanks, Hospital 200 beds, Office buildings, and Mosques.

Period: April 1981 - September 1981
Duties and Responsibilities:
Immediately after employment by the Government I had to be trained as a field training engineer for a minimum of six months on a construction site under a close supervision of a senior engineer. I was trained with FRANK E. BASIL INC. It was an American Consulting Engineers Company and it was providing all the required Architectural and Engineering services build the King Abdulaziz Military Cantonment, TABUK.

The following are some of the projects:

Military vehicles steel hangars, Military barracks, Administration buildings, Staff Villas, Roads, sidewalks, Landscaping