Master Degree of Science in Architecture

University of Idaho, Moscow, USA 1980

Bachelor Degree of Science in Architecture

University of Idaho, Moscow, USA 1979





Arbitral award writing course Nov. 29/1999
Trained to write the Arbitral award and the methods of Settlements of Disputes.


Arbitration Fellowship member course Nov. 30/1999
These courses were organized by the Chartered Institute of Arbitration, London.


Arbitration, Claims and FIDIC Contracts 6 days (6-11/3/1999)
Evaluation of FIDIC contracts and the construction claims. Also, I was exposed to some of the Arab countries Arbitration laws.

Concrete Inspection - American Corps of Engineers
Here we were exposed to the evaluation of concrete quality And the Inspections methods.

Value Analysis in Design and Constriction at MODA - 12 Weeks
Value Analysis is an organized thinking and a systematic methodology of procedures to determine the real value of a product, services, or system and to recommend the best feasible alternatives. Without compromising on the required quality or the performance.

Value Engineering Theory at MODA - 15 Weeks - Post Graduate Course
Value Engineering is a team working technique of top professionals that identify the required function of an item (systems, services, products), establish value for those functions and then provide the needed functions at the lowest overall cost.

Life Cycle Costing at KING SAUD UNIVERSITY - 13 Weeks
A methodology which Allows for a selection and implementation of design alternative with more emphasize on the life cycle costing of a system, services or product and that will lead us to the actual total cost of the facility.

Project Management at the Administration Institute - 7 Weeks
This course is divided into three parts:
Introduction to management - project planning - project management; also, it provides the basic principles for managing technical staff, planning and organizing the managing group.

Cost Estimating at the USA Corps of Engineers - Baltimore, USA-1 Week
A comprehensive course in methods and procedures to estimate the cost of a construction project and change orders.

Cost Estimating for Projects Cost Control - GDMW, Riyadh - 1 Week
Methods and procedures of construction cost estimating at  planning and design stages.


Project Performance Evaluation - At Riyadh Chamber of Commerce- 1 Week
We discussed and learned how to check and evaluate the performance of a factory or product from the financial and the other feasibility points.

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager - By Whinny Murray and Co. Riyadh – 5 Days.  

To provide participants with an understanding of the structure of financial statements and explain how cost and management accounting principles can be applied to aid decision-making.

Analysis and Interpretation of Company Accounts - By whinny Murray and Co., Riyadh - 5 Days.
To provide participants with an understanding of the basic structure of financial statements, the techniques used to analyse and interpret accounts and the methods of using accounts to assist in the valuation of a business or the assessment of its credit worthiness.

Management Skills Course - whinny Murray and Co., Riyadh - 5 Days

The prime objective of the course is to leave course participants with a deeper self-knowledge and commitment to bring about change in themselves and their organizations.



Fraud - By whinny Murray and Co. - Riyadh - 1 Day
To enable participants to identify areas in the organization that may be vulnerable to fraudulent activity and to implement procedures to minimize the risk. Also, I was instructed to what action to be taken in the event of fraud being suspected or detected.


Manufacturing Management Seminar for Senior Managers - Riyadh - 1 Day
Highlights the information management aspects in a manufacturing environment and:
Global trends in manufacturing.
Information management in manufacturing
Demonstration of a computerized approach


Industrial Management - Japanese Experience - King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran - 4 Days.
A preview to the Japanese experience and skills in industrial management and how they maximize the benefit.

The Fourth Gulf Marketing Conference - By Gulf Marketing Association, Bahrain - 3 Days.
To analyse and evaluate the marketing performance in the gulf. Gulf marketing towards a better performance in changing global market place.

The Management of Stress Course - By whinny Murray and Co., - 3 Days
Without good stress management people are nearly always less efficient in their work and may face breakdown or premature death. This course is concerned with management stress not eliminating it.

Industrialist Conference for GCC Countries, Kuwait - 3 Days


Construction Contract Claims in The Middle East, Bahrain - 2 Days

A two - day intensive program in how to deal with the practical difficulties of resolving claims and disputes.
Techniques of Modern Managers - 2 Days

What Separates the Best from The Rest (The JAPANESE style) - By Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 1 Day.

Private Home Seminar - King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah - 1 Day

GCC without Barriers - By GCC Chamber of Commerce, Sheraton, Abu Dhabi

Industrial Investment in GCC - Vision for Future, By Economic and Social Research Dep. Bahrain - Studies and Research Canter

Gulf 94, Consumer markets in the gulf by Middle East economic digest (MEED) - 2 days

Meeting the Challenges of Change in Managing Organizations in The GCC2 Days

The 5th Gulf Marketing Conference by Gulf Marketing Association

Franchising and Licensing Conference,3 days
By the info canter

Direct Marketing in The Gulf Conference

The Way Ahead for Industry

2 days’ conference by middle east economic digest (MEED).

The World’s Most Famous Management Authority
“Tom peters liven in Dubai” - 1 day conference.


Investment Opportunities in Gulf - arranged by GCC Chamber’s - 2 Days



Value Engineering Theory Workshop at the Officer’s Club – 7 days

An actual application of the value engineering theory on one big project where the total savings over 25% of the total cost of construction without affecting the basic function.


Life Cycle Costing Workshop at the Officer’s Club - 3 Days
A comprehensive course on the application of the life cycle costing technique to evaluate the total life of a system over its life.